According to a fresh paper published in the Journal of Normal Compounds.

If we are able to make the medication in the laboratory, we won’t need to set up farms to develop and harvest the place, which needs significant financial expenditure, not forgetting it comes with an environmental influence, Rong stated.. Plant compound more powerful than AZT against HIV A place found throughout Southeast Asia traditionally used to take care of arthritis and rheumatism contains a potent anti-HIV substance stronger than the medication AZT, according to a fresh paper published in the Journal of Normal Compounds. The chemical, patentiflorin A, comes from the willow-leaved Justicia, and was identified inside a screening greater than 4,500 plant extracts because of their effect against the HIV virus.What have I missed? Talk about your ideas in the responses below. Picture credit: Matt Perich via Flickr.

Autoimmunity plays role in development of COPD, study finds Autoimmunity is important in the introduction of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , based on a report led by Georgia Condition University or college and Vanderbilt College or university INFIRMARY that analyzed individual genome info stored in Vanderbilt’s DNA biobank.