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Smoking had not been a major concern in the election, where Kurz made a difficult range on immigration his theme. However, many restaurant owners pressed for the prepared ban to become dropped, backed by Strache, that has said they must be free to select whether they enable customers to smoke cigarettes. The coalition offer also included raising the smoking age from 16 to 18 and banning smoking in cars whenever a small is inside, the individual acquainted with the talks said. 15 parliamentary election, a offer before Christmas is probable, people acquainted with the negotiations state..Indiana to impose Medicaid work requirements NY – Indiana said in Friday it should take its Medicaid recipients function or do various other type of community engagement, starting to be the second condition to create this fundamental modification towards the 50-year-old medical health insurance plan for the indegent. The U.S. The ongoing function necessity pertains to able-bodied operating age group Medicaid enrollees, relating to HHS. Pregnant women, frail enrollees medically, students, some individuals and caregivers in substance use treatment are among the ones that are exempted from certain requirements. Kentucky became the 1st condition to impose function requirements on its Medicaid recipients last month.